Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tender Mercies

This has been an unbelievable experience. Extremely busy and exhausting, but I see the hand of the Lord our lives every day and wanted to record some of the tender mercies we have experienced.
1)Saturday evening we were very tired after our trip to Vancouver. Len told me we needed to get up early and travel about an hour away to go to church in Grandview. It was a very small ward of about 70 people. They were so excited that we made the effort to visit their ward. Len was able to meet with two of our missionaries and then we went another hour north on our way to Selah to visit another ward and two other missionaries. Today in a letter from our missionary serving in Grandview ward, the elder expressed how touched the people were by our visit and how our visit had opened doors for him and for the work progress in that area. I couldn't believe that such a small thing would make any difference. I am thankful that Len listened to promptings and that we could see the hand of the Lord in this work.
2) Today we experienced our first real transfer. We met at the transfer site with enthusiasm and a little trepidation. How were all these elders going to get in the right van with their luggage and get to the right place? It was a mass of confused organization. Len started humming, "pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and everyone goes, everyone knows 'bout Brother Love's show! Hallelujah!" We laughed until we about cried. Right after we had a prayer pleading that all these missionaries got to their assigned areas, E. Zimmer (office) told E. Austin (assistant) that he moved the spare tire and the jack from the very back of the trailer full of luggage, bikes and beds to the front just in case there was a flat. E. Austin shrugged and set off for the five hour trip with a van packed full of new missionaries. At exactly the half-way point, they got a flat tire!! Luckily, there were not on the freeway, and fortunately they were able to access the spare tire easily and make the change quickly. The Lord watches out for His missionaries.
3) On Sunday, after a very full week, Len came down with a nasty cold and cough. I'm certain it's because he has shaken everyone's hand who lives in the southern part of WA! On Monday he was worse. I was worried because on Tuesday we had a very full day with 11 missionaries departing and 16 arriving. I didn't know how Len would be able to accomplish everything we had planned plus interview all the new missionaries and assign them their trainers. I prayed so hard that he would be healed. I didn't know it, but Len also prayed and asked to be healed. He woke up Tuesday morning and the cough was gone. He interviewed everyone, gave his welcome speech, laughed and enjoyed the missionaries and never once coughed! We both commented on the miracle we had witnessed. As we began our scripture reading before we went to bed that night, the cough started to come back again. Today he's coughing a little and although I'm sure he's now on the mend, yesterday no one heard even a little hiccup.
We have been blessed with added strength and energy. I cannot describe it. If you would have told me I would feed 13 for breakfast, 25 for lunch and 25 for dinner and not be falling over--I wouldn't have believed you. The missionaries are energizing! When we're around them, we're not tired. The Lord has blessed our bodies to be able to endure this rigorous schedule. It is truly a tender mercy and a miracle. We love this work, we love our missionaries, and we love our supportive and wonderful family.