Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Baptisms

We had the privilege of attending two baptismal services on Saturday. The first was in Pendleton, Oregon, about an hour and 20 min. away. He was a young man named Amos who was baptized by E. Conover. His father and sister attended as well as two other nonmembers--way to go missionaries!! Len mentioned to E. Conover the day before that we might be able to attend. Imagine our surprise when there were THREE sets of missionaries waiting to see us at the baptism. Of course they all had investigators, but it was a sweet surprise to see them all there. When Len was giving his brief remarks at the conclusion of the baptism saying that the ordinance was powerful, Amos' father exclaimed out loud and nodding his head, "That's right!" Hopefully we'll be down there again for another baptism soon!

The other baptism was in the evening in Walla, Walla another hour and 20 away. This was the Diaz family. A father, mother, and adult son. E. Gamett excitedly mentioned to Len in his weekly letter how excited they were for this family to enter the waters of baptism so we decided to attend. Of course the elders neglected to inform us that the entire service was going to be in Spanish! It was very interesting to have them interpret for us and to sing all the hymns in Spanish. I was very happy that I at least had a semester of Spanish in college and didn't totally butcher the words of the hymns--well I kindof butchered them. There was a beautiful Spirit with the entire Spanish ward in attendance. A beautiful hymn, "Nearer My God to Thee" was arranged and accompanied by E. Gamett and sung by two elders and members of the bishopric. It was just lovely--very touching. After the service Sister Maria Diaz bore the sweetest testimony in part English and part Spanish. What a powerfully sweet lady. I was very touched and humbled by her spirit and her remarks. It was a great day!