Sunday, February 6, 2011

September ZLC

We love our zone leaders! They are awesome. And they can put away the tacos and carnitas!

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show aka Transfers!

August 25 transfers!

Whew! It's fun and wonderful and a riot and a lot of work--But you gotta love transfers. We couldn't do it without our fabulous assistants!! We love our missionaries--they are the greatest!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome New Missionaries August 24th

Elder Bartholemew and our assistants Elder Lavin and Elder Baker prepare to orient and welcome 11 new missionaries.

Studiously taking notes.

We welcomed 11 new missionaries to the WKM today! Here are their pictures and other pictures of orientation at the mission home. We love you Sister Christenson, and Elders Bailey, Bates, Bowen, Brinkle, Bush, Lualemaga, Mack, Porter, Ruettinger, and Schmidt.

Departing Missionaries August 24

Departing day at the mission home! Breakfast and testimonies.

Good-bye Sister Cordero, Elders Wadsworth, Wagner, Lindstrom, and rosy-cheeked Clark.
We love you and miss you!