Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old/New Missionaries!

This is our first group of outgoing missionaries. Even thought we've only been here two weeks, we were able to attend a temple session with each one and have them for breakfast the morning they left. These are amazing missionaries who worked hard serving in their areas. We will always remember them. From bottom to top is: S. Hawks, E. Johnson, E. Millar, E. Wilberg, E. Fitu (lounging on the rest of the group!) E. Beardall, E. Malan, E. Dennis, E. Angell, E. Fewkes, and E. Terry. We love you! Work hard on your next mission!
Our 16 newest missionaries arrived on July 13! They have an amazing energy and spirit. This is the traditional picture on the front stairs of our home started by the Belnaps. We plan to continue with their tradition. Our new missionaries are, from bottom to top: S. Rico, E. Crabtree, E. Liskey, E. Bejarano, E. Hoskin, E. Havens, E. Thompson, E. Hardy, E. Pixton, E. Courtnay, E. Rummler, E. Johnson, E. Williams, E. Webb, E. Boothe, and E. Crowther.
Elder Boothe is about 6' 4''. His trainer is Elder Duke who is about 6' 5''. We call them the twin towers and told them not to intimidate anyone on door approaches.
We fed these missionaries lunch and dinner. They ate a ton! But they were very polite and all said, "Thank you Sister Greer, this is SO much better than the MTC!" I'll take whatever compliments I can get.
We love our missionaries! They keep us young and happy.