Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Life at the MTC

Our darling missionaries! We met them for the first time on Friday night. They will join us in Kennewick on July 13.

We were so happy and fortunate to spend time with the Ballards when they came to the MTC for a visit on Saturday.
Dad was Brad Brower's zone leader in Toronto. President Brower is going back to Toronto to be the mission president in the same mission where they both served.
The Three Mission Presidents!
Elder and Sister Ballard with their daughter, Tami and Brad Brower
Meet Brother Beesley--our wonderful PMG tutor! Thank you Bradyn for all your help!!

We've had a wonderful, fabulous, uplifting, motivating and exhausting experience. On Sunday our final session will be with Elder Holland and then we will be privileged to have Sacrament Meeting with President Monson. After lunch we jump in the car and head for Washington! Our next post will be from our new home in Richland. Exciting times. We love you all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another exciting day in the MTC

We had another great day in the MTC. Things are happening fast and furious. We were introduced to a whole new missionary program. It will really change our entire calendar and our whole experience in the mission field. Kind of fun and scary and exciting at the same time. Every mission in the world will change and we are the first to start. Wow!
Top excitement of the day, we had lunch with Elder and Sister Nelson! We walked into the lunch room and Elder Nelson waved us over and said, "Would you please join us for lunch?" I sat right next to Elder Nelson. It was awesome! He was delightful and regaled us with many interesting stories about his travels. Our opening session this morning included Pres. Eyring, Elder Holland, Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, Elder Oakes, and Elder Cook as well as many other general authorities. You have to pinch yourself to believe they are so close. The days are really long. We must be in our seats by 7:30a and do not leave until after 8:00p. We are tired but loving it.
The first picture is in the MTC at the famous map!
Next picture is Brent Priday's sister who has been a good friend and help.
Last pic is Josh Belnap--Pres. and Sister Belnap's (our current mission president) son who works at the MTC.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final goodbyes!

Love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for your support.

Three generations!!

We love you Aubrey! Thanks for coming! On to the MTC.

It's Official!!

Setting apart by Elder Ballard and Elder Clayton

We have our official nametags!

The two Presidents!


Today was D-Day. We woke up early and packed up our stuff in preparation for the drive to Provo. About 7a Steve Phelps showed up at our door with fresh squeezed orange juice. I love that guy. Jane Lewis also came by with a CD and a nice card. We have tremendous friends. We learned from the news that Highway 89 is closed because of forest fires. The options are to take the detour through the Grand Canyon or travel through Las Vegas. We opted for Las Vegas. Maxine and Bob are traveling with us in a separate car. At around 9:30p and 700 miles later we arrive at the MTC. The sign outside states “Missionaries, Invited Guests and Employees only”. Julie suggested that I check us in at the MTC. I was welcomed by a returned missionary, about 25 years of age, who had a huge smile on his face. I identified myself and he knew that we had been called to preside over the Kennewick Washington Mission. He gave me a packet of information, including our missionary badges, and gave me a map to the Marriott hotel where we would be staying the next 5 nights. Apparently, the MTC is experiencing some remodeling and some of the mission presidents have been assigned to hotel rooms. I went back out to the car and told Julie a little fib. I told her that I had wonderful news. That our room at the MTC would be adjacent to the full-time Elders who were assigned to our mission. She tried to act excited but I could tell it was not the news she was hoping to hear. I showed her the map designating the Marriott. That brought a big smile to her face. We hauled up all of our stuff and immediately fell asleep. That was one long day. It has been one long week. In fact, it has been a long month. Make that a long six months. --Len

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Makes Them Great

It is tradition in the Neville family that before a missionary leaves they get heart attacked with some of their outstanding characteristics. Len and Julie were no exception. Here are a few of the things that we all think will make them great missionaries in Washington.