Monday, July 5, 2010

MTC last days

The Arizona people! We loved to have lunch together and visit on breaks. Turks to Peru and Gulbransons to Argentina. See you in three years!
The three new Washington mission presidents. Greers to Kennewick, Larkins to Seattle, and Wilsons to Everett. We all had the same classes and got to know each other well.
Brian Fleming-my former Highland student who Dad set apart to be a missionary. Now returned and working in catering at the MTC.
Two Taylor cousins I met at the MTC. President Taylor and President Dorius. We're all related to John Taylor. He's our Great, Great, Grandfather.

The MTC was wonderful and tiring. Elder Holland, in his closing remarks, said that we all looked simply ashen when we reported on Wednesday. Now that we've gone through four days of intense training, he said we looked hysterical. I think he's right! On to Kennewick!!