Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Training!!

The sisters remembering that faith is an action word!

Aubrey hanging with the missionaries on our last day of training. It was wonderful to have her there. She even participated in role plays with the missionaries and helped with our instructions. She fit right in with everyone else--we loved having her!

Our last day of training!! Everyone but Len--he's taking the pictures.

This is how neatly the missionaries place their coats and backpacks while they slam down food!

Elder Lavin, our assistant, trying to act serious--He's a real cutie!

Elder Baker, assistant, and Elder Garrett

Aubrey at training with the mission presidents!

Breakfast the last day--we brought out all the leftovers and they ate everything!

Len breakfasting with the missionaries.

Elder Brinton and Elder Brewer

Elders Kaleopa and Black

Elder Hortin

Elders Grant and Chavez

Elder Derges and Elder Duke

Elder Goff

Elders Willoughby and Prawitt

Elders Gammett and Anderson

Elder Heusser

Last call for breakfast!

Elder Verbinskyj and Elder Collier

Wonderful lunch ladies!

Sisters Ulrich and Tolman

Hanging out for the last break!

Break time!

Elders Buchanan, Collier, and Lemperle

Len is always teaching!

Love our missionaries!

Aren't they the best?

At the beginning of the four day training, Len told a story about Elder Ballard walking into a zone conference and telling the elders, "Let's take off our jackets, we've got a lot of work to do!" That became one of the motifs of our training. The elders would come and remove their coats and we worked! This is what the room looked like when the missionaries were on break--I couldn't resist this picture. All in all it was a wonderful experience we will never forget. I wish we could do it every month. We love being with the missionaries. Their great spirits energize us. We love this work!!