Sunday, August 22, 2010

Implementing the New Curriculum

We received training at the MTC for new curriculum for missionaries. Under the direction of the 70 and the missionary department, we brought in all our mission leadership and trained for four days. It was wonderful! I was going to edit these pictures and only post a few, but they bring such fabulous memories and I love the missionaries so much that I just decided to post them all. We trained and ate and trained and did MANY role plays. These role plays were a highlight and the Spirit was present and in abundance. Len and I wandered around and observed and taught and evaluated and commented and trained. It was an unforgettable experience.

Hanging out between sessions

Our wonderful lunch from the Stake Relief Society sisters Kennewick East Stake

Elder Chavez and Elder Austin

Sweet sisters! Hendricks, Moeller, Pleshek, and Bourgoyne

Elders Jenkins, Bolick, Becerra, Montoya, Urbina

Elders Arnold, Romero, Quintana

Slamming down some breakfast before training!

Sister Trainers at the Mission Home!

Enjoying lunch and friends!

Sisters Hendricks, Beutler, Pleshek, Burgoyne, me, Moeller, Ulrich and Tolman

Elders Collier and Romero

Great sisters from the Kennewick stake fed us a fantastic dinner!

Our Mission Leaders! Before each meal we sang the Called to Serve/Valiant Medley--it was awesome!

Role Plays! Elders Reynolds and Olsen

Elders Duke, Willie, Tolman and Stewart

Elder Derges

Elder Lemperle

Elders Walker and Denny

Elders Burgin and Cashion

Elders Brown and Killian

Elders Buchanan and Whalen--they had no idea I was taking this one!

Elders Deloach and Willoughby

Elders Brewer and Ioesefa

Elder Johnson

Elders Wilcken and Bolick

Elder Borup and Morse

Elders Bench, Sanders, and Donner

Elders Lavin, Becerra, and Garrett

Elders Arnold and Urbina

Elders Chavez, Lindstrom, Jenkins

Sister Pleshek with Hendricks in the back

Elders Black and Kaleopa

Sister Tolman and Sister Ulrich