Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aubrey comes to Washington!

We were so excited to have Aubrey come and visit us in the mission field! She was our first visitor and came after her graduation from BYUI. We're so proud of her. After our four days of missionary training we took a Pday and went up to Mount St. Helen's which is in our mission. We saw the visitor's center and went on a hike, but it was too overcast to get up to the real Mountain and get any good pictures. Later, when Len was interviewing and in meetings, Aubrey and I sneaked up to the fabulous falls that are about an hour from Vancouver. I hear they are most spectacular in the spring runoff. We'll let you know! Don't you all want to come for a visit?

We're hiking! Have you ever seen green like this? Not in AZ!

Mount St. Helen's visitor's center! Aren't we cute? A nice family took our picture. Len tried to talked to them about the church, but only found out they were already LDS.

Isn't Washington/Oregon beautiful? These falls are in our mission on the Oregon side of the Columbia River

Impressive Moltnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

Aubrey playing photographer--me at the bridge between the upper and lower falls--it's beautiful here!

Aubrey and Mom on the bridge at the falls. It's a mile to the top with lots of switchbacks

A few miles west of the falls is a beautiful drive that peaks at this viewpoint. Me at the top looking west over the gorge.

Aubrey at the Gorge looking east

Aubrey and Mom at Vista House

The beautiful Columbia River Gorge as seen from Vista House