Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another exciting day in the MTC

We had another great day in the MTC. Things are happening fast and furious. We were introduced to a whole new missionary program. It will really change our entire calendar and our whole experience in the mission field. Kind of fun and scary and exciting at the same time. Every mission in the world will change and we are the first to start. Wow!
Top excitement of the day, we had lunch with Elder and Sister Nelson! We walked into the lunch room and Elder Nelson waved us over and said, "Would you please join us for lunch?" I sat right next to Elder Nelson. It was awesome! He was delightful and regaled us with many interesting stories about his travels. Our opening session this morning included Pres. Eyring, Elder Holland, Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, Elder Oakes, and Elder Cook as well as many other general authorities. You have to pinch yourself to believe they are so close. The days are really long. We must be in our seats by 7:30a and do not leave until after 8:00p. We are tired but loving it.
The first picture is in the MTC at the famous map!
Next picture is Brent Priday's sister who has been a good friend and help.
Last pic is Josh Belnap--Pres. and Sister Belnap's (our current mission president) son who works at the MTC.